Works on Paper

These drawings are inspired by the quiet story of the bush. The fragility of such environments plays upon my mind, and is of concern to many of us.  I have been particularly interested in focusing upon the micro-landscapes surrounding my studio, and immersing myself in the characteristics of other local rural and wetland landscapes. I also venture further afield, into regions around the Murray River, for example.  The interest for me is not necessarily in the obviously pretty, scenic or panoramic; these places are often understated in their immediate visual appeal. Rather it is in the unremarked, hidden life and soul of a pocket of the natural environment. I like to notice, in these artworks, the way creek water runs, the textures of grasses, the bark of an old tree or the gestures of tree branches.

These drawings are unframed. They are created on high quality, sustainable papers (usually Eco Fabriano 200gsm). Materials used include willow charcoal, soluble graphite bocks, conte pastels and pencil. Techniques used include subtractive drawing and washed in tints for simple and subtle colour.

As my concern grows for adjusting my art toward ecologically sustainable practices, which is fitting for an artist with a strong connection to natural landscapes, this genre is probably by most eco-friendly offering. If you share this concern for the environment, it is now possible to find some lovely eco-friendly framing options too.

The over all dimensions of the papers used normally conform (roughly speaking) to A2, A3 and A4 sizes, the size of each artwork image is supplied with the photo.

The time taken to create them can be similar to that of a painting of similar size.  Unlike stretched canvas, they are not ready to hang as is, which is reflected in the price. The choice of frame is yours then, unless you would like one framed for you at additional cost.